Facts 1

Client: Staatlicher Hofkeller Würzburg
Location/Date: Würzburg/2006
Realization: marketing concept , architecture, interior design, lighting design
Surface: 650m²

In order to increase the economic potential of the wine cellar below the Residenz Würzburg and to make its reorientation as cellar for events possible, three parts of the nearly 900 years old ‘Hofkeller’ have been thoroughly renovated. There vinotheque and treasure chamber are the centres of the real sales process.

treasure chamber
The vinotheque, which can be found at the entrance to the treasure chamber, is dominated by an illuminated glass shrine, in which the special vintages are presented as the best of the ‘Würzburger Hofkeller’. The treasures stand out from the rest of the vintages and become visible through the movement of the visitors as treasure hunters. Facing the wines the guides are ready to tell the visitors many legends and stories about the development of such extraordinary vintages. The oldest wines date back to the year 1874.

Facts 2

the Hofkeller over the years
The long aisle, which dates back to the 1960’s and connects the northern and the southern wing of the ‘Hofkeller’, is designed as timeline. On a background of colours melting into one another from a green of vine leaves into the red of a Bordeaux wine, important events of the state-run wine cellar’s nearly 900 years of history are interpreted graphically. People, events and, of course, the wine are portrayed.

Directly sprayed on the wall and thus very strikingly, the climaxes and troughs of 900 years of winegrowing are presented from the view of Dr. Bassemann-Jordan. At the same time the visitors pass marks on the floor every four steps, representing 50 years. 900 years in 60 metres with a glance into the future.

red wine cellar
The red wine cellar is the gem of the ’Hofkeller’ and the main location for events. It functions as impressive setting of winetastings, literary and musical festivities for 100 people. The new style of architecture and interior design refer to the Modern without prevailing over all historical features of the cellar.

barrique cellar
Here the excellent wines are stored, waiting for their perfection – “in the cathedral of red wines”. The original use of the room as ice cellar of the ‘Residenz’ becomes visible in the almost sacral design of light combined with a hidden light line becoming apparent between floor and ceiling little by little. The Barrique cellar is used for small but selected occasions.